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How I Increased Productivity and Sharpened Focus by Combating ADD with Nitrofocus

Well, if that isn’t a long post title.

As a biohacker, I’m interested in all sorts of ways to achieve my goals- not just putting stuff into my body. Increasing my productivity (which for somebody as restless, hyper, and distracted as me really just means focusing) is always a goal of mine, and I found a pretty interesting way to do it.

I’ve known about brainwave entrainment audio for quite some time now- the idea that there are certain audio technologies (binaural beats, for one) that can entrain your brainwaves to certain states to bring effects like drowsiness, meditative states, creative mindsets, or… focused productivity. But I’ve never really had stand-out amazing “WOW THIS IS GREAT” experiences before.

Enter NitroFocus. I grabbed the standard Nitrofocus Classic as a free mp3 download from this page and started using it once or twice a day when I was trying to get stuff done.

I’ve never taken adderall before, but I have to imagine that this is kinda the effect it has. It’s effortless for me to sit down, sit still, pound out 1000 word blog posts without checking the time or opening up Netflix to watch old SNL episodes. It’s just like… my urge to procrastinate and goof off on social media disappears. I actually function and get stuff done.

Now, there’s probably MORE effective stuff out there (probably some sort of pill or supplement), and I’m definitely going to be experimenting with nootropics and measuring productivity with RescueTime soon, and I’ll include Nitrofocus in those experiments. But for now, it’s getting a pretty good amount done for me.

One thing that’s cool about it is that you don’t have to listen with headphones, and you can play music at the same time as long as the Nitrofocus audio is plenty audible. When I started to lose motivation on P90X workouts and wanted to quit halfway through, I turned it on while working out to keep me in the zone and focused until I was done.

Since you can get it as a free download, there’s absolutely no reason for me not to recommend it. Click here for a free mp3 of Nitrofocus Classic, and try using it out for a week or two. I’m curious to see if other people get the same results I do, so share what you think after you’ve tried it a few times.

So far, pretty amazing product. I’ll let you know when I have actually measured metrics (probably mid-september or October I’ll start those experiments), but for now this definitely goes on my Recommended Products list.

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  1. Hello, Ryan! I want to know if this product has contraindications. Does it cause dependance?

    • Ryan

       /  September 4, 2013

      Not that I’ve noticed. I could elaborate more on this in another post, but I think it would be difficult for brainwave entrainment audios to cause dependence, since they merely assist you in guiding your brainwaves into states that you could naturally obtain otherwise (albeit, with some degree of difficulty for somebody with ADD or another impedance to focus).

      What I think is a much more real possibility is a dependence on using any focus aid at all times- meaning, if I’m not using a focus aid, I won’t be able to naturally focus unassisted (whether that assistance be brainwave entrainment audios, nootropics, applications that block websites, etc). Obviously this isn’t severely happening for me yet, because I can still sit in class or a meeting for some period of time and focus, but I have to wonder if getting myself into a high productivity state of focus is even accomplishable through sheer willpower for me anymore (even though it’s exhaustive and not the best solution).


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