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The Best Behavior Modification Tool Ever: HabitRPG

For a number of years now (as long as I’ve been interested in things like biohacking, accelerated learning, self-improvement, etc.), I’ve struggled with finding effective and sustainable ways to stay organized, stay committed to completing my projects, consistently get a list of recurring daily tasks done, and create new habits. In fact, I never really considered that I could do all of those things with one system- I would try learning about how to form habits at the same time as making to-do lists or trying to learn Getting Things Done, which was a real mess for me.

I’m going to be straight up here- HabitRPG, the solution I’ve started using  to solve these challenges, is 100% changing my life. Or at least, helping me make the changes I want to. I have never stayed so consistently on-track, I’ve never been so persistent or gotten as much done as I have while using HabitRPG. I’m not even a big video game fan, but the way that I feel incentivized and rewarded by using Habit is apparently super powerful and it really does keep me going every day.

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Data Collection for Self-Experiments with Nootropics

Over the past week or so, I’ve begun experimenting with using different nootropics, and as I start to test out how different things (potentially) impact my productivity, mood, cognitive functioning, ADD, and sleep, it’s been important to track both objective and subjective data relating to such effects.

I’m sure plenty of readers are wondering exactly how to design self-experiments with nootropics and track this data for themselves, so without further ado, here are each of the tools and data points I’m using:

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Music Industry Problems: Labels can’t seem to find a way to profit while serving both fans and artists

This is the first post I’ll be writing on Music Industry Problems– there are a good handful of them that keep me up at night, and although I’m secretly working on solutions to almost all of them, it’s important to open up a discussion about these things.

Today’s post is one that I’m obviously very involved in figuring out, as it focuses on record labels. Labels can’t seem to find a business model or a way to profit that serves both fans and artists. Almost anything they attempt either doesn’t make them money, is restrictive upon artists, or isn’t what the fans want. Let’s go through a number of solutions that labels have tried in the past 10 years or so to make money, and break down what’s wrong with each.
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