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Recommended Books/Products

So, looking for some recommendations? On this page I’m keeping a list of just general stuff (whether it be books, programs, supplements, or otherwise), that I’ve used and think are truly exceptional.

Everything on this list gets a 5/5 star rating from me and is definitely worth your time and money. Used anything here? Share your thoughts in the Comments box!

Marketing Tools

  • Market Samurai – Swiss army knife of online marketing. The best tool for keyword research, SEO competition analysis, finding links, and tracking your rankings. I’ve used this for years working with all sorts of different clients, and it’s a life-saver.


Business and Money

  • I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi – This is the only book whose advice I use in my current personal finance system, and let me tell you, it’s amazing. It’s helped me do everything from optimize my credit cards and bank accounts, to beginning investing, to automating my personal spending plan. If you pick this up and go through it, it’s a serious game changer.
  • The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime by MJ DeMarco – The most down-to-earth, informative, and important book on entrepreneurship and wealth building I’ve ever read. Could not recommend this highly enough. Go to MJ’s forum,, and you’ll be in the company of more real multi-millionaires than you’d otherwise meet in your lifetime.

Biohacking Tools

Supplements and Vitamins

  • VitaCost Mega EFA Omega-3 Softgels – If you’ve done any reading on the benefits of fish oil (which can be anything from mental functioning to hormone balance), then look no further for the perfect softgel. These are the only ones with a 2:1 EPA to DHA ratio (which is the ideal) and are super high-quality (molecularly distilled, mercury/dioxin/PCB levels are WELL below industry standards)
  • Creatine Monohydrate – Most people know Creatine as a muscle-building supplement, but few know that it actually has mental benefits for your working memory, attention, and reasoning (click here for some Reddit-provided links to studies)
  • Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men – my daily multivitamin, and a pretty stacked one at that.

Brain Tools

  • Brain Evolution System – You can find my whole other blog on BrainEv here, but I fully vouch for the Brain Evolution System as a great program for beginning meditators to learn how to enter deep states of mind, increase cognitive abilities, and better use their mental resources throughout their life.
  • Nitrofocus (free mp3 download). Brainwave entrainment audio designed to increase focus and productivity. Definitely works for me- a great ADD combatant that helps me get more done in a day than I have in a week previously. Read my review post about it.

Misc. Software

  • RescueTime – App that sits on your computer and tracks where you’re spending all your time, both in terms of applications and websites. Useful for any sort of productivity hacking, including tracking the effectiveness of nootropics or biohacks that work on your focus.


I’ll constantly be updating this page as I experiment with more and more things and test everything out in real life. Stay tuned!

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