Unpopular Opinions #2: Android phones are awful

Welcome to the second in a 7-part series of unpopular opinions that I hold! What started as a psychological self-improvement experiment (trying to identify ways that I seek approval from others) has turned into a pretty humorous and irreverent conversation about everything from my tastes in music and movies to my thoughts on college culture. Feel free to really let it rip in the comments section if I so irk you- I honestly do not care. So let’s do this!


I think Android phones are clunky and generally awful, with serious usability issues.

I think it’s important that I clarify- I’m not stating this opinion to turn around and champion the iPhone (although I am a happy iPhone user). I’m saying this because I think Android phones are awful when it comes to usability. I’m also not a fan of an un-policed app marketplace- why open up the floodgates to the threats of malware or scams, as the recent “Virus Scan” debacle has shown to be entirely possible.

Besides just my general observations, here are two fun little anecdotes:

  1. I recently bought an old Motorola Droid for a few bucks from my company in a “garage sale” we were having. One of our engineers saw that I got it, and told me “You know, you could probably put a fairly recent operating system on that!” Hoping to find some sort of quirky use for my new device (besides just a paperweight or more clutter in my desk drawer), I asked him “Oh really? How?!”. He just laughed and said “Oh boy… you have a lot of reading to do”. I’ve asked other engineers here and they all just laugh at me. HOW HARD DOES IT NEED TO BE TO UPDATE THE OPERATING SYSTEM ON A PHONE?
  2. My grandmother decided that she too wanted a hip smartphone, but instead of doing any research or anything or asking her grandchildren, she just up and went and bought an Android phone (which I’m sure was pushed on her by some commission-hungry hack at the AT&T store). Her inability to figure out how to use it was so bad that she literally couldn’t pick up the phone when somebody called. So for two weeks (until my younger sister, an iPhone user, somehow figured it out and taught her), she just let the phone ring and ring and never answered (or declined) any calls she got.

So there you have it. I think Android phones are kinda awful. Poor usability, dumb operating system overall. Unpopular Opinion #2.

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about 8 months ago

RUDE. i am a happy droid user. while it isn't perfect, it's a lovely phone that does exactly what i need it to do. also, the whole open marketplace thing isn't entirely bad because it allows apps that wouldn't usually get seen (because the apple app store is entirely controlled by apple) to be downloaded. i <3 droid


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